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09/09/22 11:25 AM #1486    

John MacLeod

I know a few of our classmates come from pioneering families.  Perhaps they might share some family history.

Mr Too Curious

09/09/22 12:37 PM #1487    

Judy Bloom (Wolf)


Anybody remember the 1963 hit song Charlie Browning by The Young Men? I just listened to it on YouTube. This was when Husky Football and the Hydro races reigned supreme.


09/09/22 05:08 PM #1488    

John MacLeod

Judy, Sure do.  Don't know if he is still "First downing, that Charley Browning".  Right you are, Huskies and Hydros reigned supreme.

09/17/22 08:42 AM #1489    

John MacLeod

Put your groans on standby.  I hear a bad joke arising.

What do you call a tree that knows kung fu?.............Spruce Lee.  Apologies to spruce trees everywhere. 

09/18/22 03:03 AM #1490    

Judith E. Payne

Not as bad as I expected...  anyone else have a good joke I might be able to use with my grandkids?

09/18/22 08:43 AM #1491    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Joan Urwiler ? - Happy Birthday!  I hope you have lots of fun today.  Hugs to you, Yaela (Georgina)

09/18/22 09:09 AM #1492    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Mark Weaver,  I am now having some exchanges with Mr. Manning on facebook.  Thanks for putting me in touch with him.

Everybody - can anyone help me to get in touch with Mr. Nagle?

09/19/22 07:59 AM #1493    

Mark Weaver

Yaela you're welcome. I am sure he is happy that you are now in touch.

09/19/22 10:40 AM #1494    


Bruce R Hildebrand

How about all the old jokes we learned when we were young?

How old are they anyway? 

what did one strawberry say to the other strawbery?

If you weren't so fresh, you wouldn't be in this jam.


Why couldn't the pony sing a song?

She was a little horse


How do you get a squirrel to like you?
Act like a nut.


What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple?
Finding half a worm.


How do you talk to a giant?
Use big words.


Why did the cookie go to the hospital?
Because he felt crummy.


What did one plate say to the other plate?
Dinner is on me.



09/20/22 02:14 AM #1495    

Ric Rivera

Gregarious camaraderie -

Thank you, Lance, for the roundup at the Renton Chinese Feast Buffet. These snapshots were ripped from a movie sound stage of real actors. Don't bother finding the volume knob. 


09/21/22 09:07 AM #1496    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

Gosh I recognize a bunch of those folks. Looks so fun!  Thanks for posting.  Sylvia

09/21/22 10:17 AM #1497    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Hey women of 1968,  Those guys in Ric's pictures are having a lot of fun and we weren't (except for Janice)!  Should we organise a similar lunch for ourselves?

09/21/22 10:31 AM #1498    

Janice Lynn Ferrera

didnt know i was going to be the only female there (not necessarily a bad thing!!).  but the women should definitely plan a get together.  used to do this but it's been quite awhile!

09/22/22 02:31 AM #1499    

Judith E. Payne

That is so nice a bunch of you got together.  Yes it would be great to have a women's get together but i am so far away, I'd have to join by phone.

09/22/22 10:42 AM #1500    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Ok women, since there is some buy-in on the idea of a lunch for us, how should we go about organizing this?  Nancy R. can you help us get a list of '68 women and their contact info?  Probably there is a way to do this that I should already be aware of but I'm too old and spacey to remember what it is. 

As it looks like Lance Akutsu organized the men's gathering perhaps he can let us know about where they met and costs, etc. For those of you who have been so foolish as to move away from Seattle, one of my synagogues has a mechanism which allows people to zoom into live meetings and Dave Azose used something similar when we were planning the 50th reunion.  If we can borrow one it would allow people to join via zoom.

Let me know your thoughts.

09/22/22 11:11 AM #1501    

Steve Condiotty

When we were at lunch we discussed getting more ladies to join us at our next get together. Those who would like to join us we will have Lance or myself post the details on this forum. It's great to be with all us old folks!

09/26/22 10:58 AM #1502    

Karen Kummerfeldt

Take a look at the Seattle Times today. There is a wonderful article about Doreen (Cohen) Alhadeff. She is being knighted (!) by Spain for her work assisting Sephardic Jews obtain Spanish citizenship. Congrats to her.

09/26/22 03:40 PM #1503    

John MacLeod

 WOW!!!  Dame Doreen from East Brighton/Graham Hill.  Congratulations.  A lot of hard work and time helping others.  Obviously Spain realized this and gave her a much earned reward and recognition for the giving of her self and time.  Congratulations, unbelivable.

09/26/22 03:42 PM #1504    

John MacLeod

Karen, thanks for the heads up.................

09/26/22 05:05 PM #1505    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

Okay Yaela.  Any classmate with a check mark by their name on the Classmate Profile tab should be contactable via this website.  If there are any other ladies, you can ask me and I will see if I have info on them even though they haven't done a profile here.

09/28/22 02:06 PM #1506    

Dempsey Henley

Awesome Doreen! Read your wonderful work to family last night.
I am truly honored to be part of our class.

09/29/22 04:11 AM #1507    

Judith E. Payne

It is wonderful to read about Doreen's life and accomplishments.   All this we didn't know about her as we went to school with her and how her life has unfolded.  Congratulations to you, Doreen, and to your strong heritage -- especially that wonderful grandmother!  May we all be such strong grandparents now with our little ones growing up, being examples to them.  

09/29/22 10:49 AM #1508    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Congratulations Doreen.  What wonderful and impressive work.  I also feel honored to have known you.

09/30/22 09:03 AM #1509    

John MacLeod

Okay.  All of us mid-century babies are closing in on the 3/4 century mark.  Who would have guessed.  Maybe we can hear from some.  Like Tony Mamon, Mike Holman, Nancy Wong, Candy Eskanazi, Barb Shapiro, Esther Fisse, Nick Perensovich, Mark or Jerry Benneke, Lyn McKunny, Kieth Gorze, Kurt Gores, Peter Gayton, Chris Robinson, Marty Hill, Theresa Smith, Sandy Smith, Chuck Hansen  and any of our remaining clasmates.  Don't be bashful, just a yup, present and accounted.  I hope everyone is as lucky as me.  My magic mirror is set for 35.  No wrinkles, gray hair or sags and bags.  My scale has no pound or kilo numbers.  I figure that I am prepared for a reversal of gravity.  Not getting shorter.  My feet still reach the ground.

Just regale us with tales from yesterdays.  Like the time Clifford B III blew a whistle in the middle of a basketball game.  We all looked around like the dummies we were and the game continued.

Yak, Yak, Yak

09/30/22 09:15 AM #1510    

John MacLeod

Met Walt Rice and Valerie Maekawa the first day of Kindegarten, Tom Balestrasi, Billy Talbert First grade, Dempsey Second grade, Wayne Henry Fifth grade, Lowell Siegfried and Bob Barber Ninth grade.  Many more that are not coming to mind, I'm sure.

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