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11/01/22 10:21 AM #1539    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Thanks John for your encouragement and for the information about Judy's climb. Wow Judy, that would be super impressive at any age but at our age - outstanding!

11/02/22 04:50 AM #1540    


Judith E. Payne

Thanks, John, for your kind words.  The 26,250 climb was awful, fun, awful and more.  A good bunch of 250 fellow climbers helped!  

11/03/22 11:57 AM #1541    

Karen Kummerfeldt

Congratulations Judy.  SO impressive!!  What an awesome accomplishment.

11/13/22 06:50 PM #1542    

Ric Rivera

I haven't been mingling here lately But, WoW! I agreed, John, a class of accomplished achievers. Congrats, Judy! That is a significant milestone for our age bracket. I've watched just about every Everest movie and documentary. I just get cold watching and have to don a jacket. LoL.

And Doreen, that is an unforgettable journey, an accomplishment much more significant than ourselves opening the door for many.

The Fish Hole adventure and excursion was a great buzz. Good merry vibes. And Yaela, Thai food sounds delicious, and I'd make a surprise appearance but have a UW dentist appointment to work on my chops. Oh, and Lance wanted to get hold of gals mates, but phone numbers were bad. 

About Doreen's experience and a wee bit of youngblood Doreen and Dale. -


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11/14/22 12:07 AM #1543    

Ric Rivera

We never forget the kind-hearted souls they leave a lasting impression. Since it is Veteran's day weekend, I ran across Fold3, a historical military records site associated with the Ancestry site.

The link below shows he wanted and belonged to a particularly special group of comrades. Here, we see Larry the way he wanted to be. Vintage footage. Produced by #ClackCo TV, "The Honor and Sacrifice of Larry Dahl." Till We Meet Again, Rest in Peace. Rest in Peace.
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11/14/22 12:18 AM #1544    

Ric Rivera

Another kind-hearted soul has gone too soon. In memorial this Veteran's Day weekend. Never forgotten. Till We Meet Again, Rest in Peace.

12/12/22 09:27 AM #1545    

Wayne Cofer

Thank You for showing the Viet Nam wall with Walter Henry's name on it. I knew Walter and am proud to have served in Viet Nam as well. 

Wayne Cofer

12/12/22 09:36 AM #1546    

Wayne Cofer

With Christmas coming soon  -  it is a time to be with and remember family. 

Here is a short and fun set of examples from me  -- hope you add to it. 

I have been married 52 years. I have two kids.  A 42 year old daughter who has been a teacher for her entire adult life. I also have a 34 year old son who spent 5 years in the Navy as a medic and 4 years as a police officer before going into selling homes. Beween the two of them I have 5 wounderful Grandkids. My wife and I  have been in the same house for 47 years now, not sure if that means we have been really stable and really crazy. 

Your turn  ---- 

12/21/22 12:26 PM #1547    

Wayne Cofer

John I totall understand !   I struggled big time when I went to the Viet Nam wall by the Seattle Museum of Flight with it was dedicated. 

01/01/23 12:16 AM #1548    

Ric Rivera

Happy New Year, 2023! Good fortune 'ripples' on in concert -
May you and yours be filled with Positive Vibes - Cultivate an Abundance of Health, Inspiration, Happiness, Longevity, and that good medicine - Humor!  

01/28/23 09:19 AM #1549    

Ric Rivera

For those of us not on Facebook


What's your schedule input for getting together (depending on numbers) at a🍽🥤☕️restaurant of size sometime in Mid-to-Late MAY?

YES – NO - MAYBE? This headcount is an early–in–flux interest. I will repost it as we get closer to MAY, as we might not be aware, and our schedules will change over time.

PM me your response.

01/29/23 06:04 AM #1550    

Robert W Talbot

I might be interested in seeing some folks from back in the day. I agree with John; time,date and location. Although I am more open as I am no longer gainfully employed. Please advise for future...

01/29/23 08:10 AM #1551    

Wayne Cofer

Rick,   mark me down as a Yes for a May gathering,  

Wayne Cofer

01/29/23 11:58 AM #1552    


Dorothy Rodes

I will attemd if available. Attended the women's lunch and it was a pleasant trip to engage with people I knew well SO long ago, and also didn't know. A glimpse of how different and the same we are.

01/30/23 04:08 PM #1553    

Marlene J Souriano (Souriano-Vinikoor)

Depending on the details, I too will consider attending. Seems like a good idea since our last big events were in 2018. Keep us posted, please.

Marlene Souriano-Vinikoor

01/31/23 07:20 AM #1554    

Philip Anderson

Hey Rick....sounds like a good idea. I will do my best to make it.  Phil

01/31/23 12:23 PM #1555    

David Azose

Ric thanks for keeping us connected.  I look forward to getting together with everyone in May.

02/01/23 05:50 AM #1556    

Jerry Israel

I would be interested in joining everyone with enough notice.

02/17/23 05:02 AM #1557    


Judith E. Payne

Oh I am jealous that you all can have these get togethers.  I'm just too far away in New Hampshire to stop by for a lunch.  I'm glad you all do get together although I'm hoping everyone wears name tags with big print!  Amazingly John MacLeod has been helping me virtually with a home renovation challenge.  I hesitate to tell all for he may get others turning to him.  I'm a total dummy when it comes to home repairs and tools, so his help is invaluable.  Here's a (oops - sideways!) photo of me last week with my pup (in dashing raspberry jacket)... 


02/17/23 09:59 AM #1558    

Wayne Cofer

John, speaking of feeling old -- in my 20's  I ran a 2:39 marathon. Now it feels like a marathon to go on a five mile walk ! 

03/04/23 12:30 AM #1559    

Ric Rivera

As John puts it - "Life, only going through once and enjoying the trip................"

Good to hear from you all!


ALERT! The Details - THE DATE IS SET: May 22, 2023, THE FEAST at 11 am as it opens.  The restaurant is south of, within the Fred Meyer quadrant in Renton. West of along the famous rally drive of Rainier Ave of yesteryear. Senior pricing. There is plenty of conversation, food, liquid, and room and parking. DATE & TIME is SET - So, No's, If's or Buts are accepted, only your butt. If you are late, it's okay. They'll keep the lights on.


03/04/23 09:11 AM #1560    

Wayne Cofer

Thanks for setting up the Lunch  -- I will be showing up for sure. 

Wayne Cofer 

03/19/23 10:00 PM #1561    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Ric et al, I've been out of commission for a while so I seem to be missing the actual restaurant name for our gathering in May. Please enlighten me.
Thanks, Yaela

03/20/23 10:55 AM #1562    

Ric Rivera

Thanks, John and Yaela. ( for the typos: the hang-nail repeats can be cut out, err, deleted at one's convenience)

CALLING FHS 68  !! Where are you ????????

And for the senior navigation, ease of the hunt on the "WEB" and your fast computer connection, etc.

Backout of the website links? USE THE BROWSER BACK ARROW

The poster says, A walk through Feast Buffet in Renton, WASorry for the background music. They were playing loud music and I tried to drown it out a bit.... 


03/22/23 12:50 PM #1563    

John MacLeod

Hope the delees were fast enough.  No postings should mean no more typos.  Gone and gone.

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