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08/08/22 08:04 AM #1432    

John MacLeod

Well,Duh.  The Navy?  Seafair?  Asleep at the wheel.

08/08/22 10:31 AM #1433    


John Hein

Thank you Dorothy Rodes for mentioning Frank Gallop. I revisited the saga of the 142nd fastest gun in the west; but only then recalled the name. Yes, dumb-dumb-butterfingers Irving, alas, right outside the Frontier Deli, RIP. This remembers me of a tombstone replica I saw at Madam Tussauds Wax Museum, Fishermens' Grotto, San Francisco, commemorating Boot Hill: "Here lies Lester Moore, 2 shots from a .44, and no Les, no Moore".... Seems the Wild Wild West was a tuff town..... DeadWood, indeed....

08/08/22 05:18 PM #1434    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

So John, I have to say that I have never seen so many interesting epitaths as at Boot Hill cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona.  


08/09/22 09:41 AM #1435    

Dorothy Rodes

" ... no Les, no Moore ..."  ... doesn't get more pithy than that. Tickled me. Thank you, John Hein.

08/09/22 09:42 AM #1436    

John MacLeod

Boothill in Tombstone is an interesting look back in time.  My favorite spots there are the Bird Cage Saloon and the Rose House.  The Rose House has a rose bush that was planted about 1875.  It now covers an area of about 8,000 sq. ft. and the bole (stump) is about 4' in diameter.  The Bird Cage closed sometime around 1935-1940 and has not changed.  Under the stage is an area with a card table that had a poker game that went on for 5 years straight.  If I remember correctly the buy in was $3,200.00.  Earp, Masterson, Hickok, Holliday all sat in at sometime.  History then and now..................

08/09/22 09:54 AM #1437    

John MacLeod

History really facinates me.  Had a prof in my last semester at WSU that made it come alive.  He didn't tell us to go to the saloons or graveyards, but for modern history that is where I go.  When in Nevada I never miss a trip to the Bucket of Blood Saloon and the many graveyards in Virginia City.  It's sasparilla  for me.

08/09/22 09:56 AM #1438    

John MacLeod

Geography now.  According to The Witch Doctor, where is Walla Walla located?

08/10/22 08:18 AM #1439    

Dorothy Rodes

What is bing bang?

08/10/22 08:49 AM #1440    


John Hein

This remembers me of 'Battle-Axe Ryberg'. In 9th grade Geography class, she admonished me by saying my work was "extremely average". And thus I learned what an oxymoron was, before I knew what an oxymoron was. Does bing bang qualify as geography? Or is it a sound effect, a close cousin of Sonny's 'bada-bing'? What a proud moment for Sonny to know his adlib/metaphor/ersatz-report would end up on t-shirts a la the Sopranos. In light of recent events, I'm thinking I'll print up some tees that say 'Make Crime A Crime Again'. Off topic, but the Boot Hill I toured was in Deadwood, S Dakota. Kinda like Auburn, Kent & Marysville; there are many in many states, me thinks.... The Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum I mentioned was in San Francisco. Dorothy: You needn't pithy me, despite the strange world we are witnessing, I'm doing fine. Thanks for your concern, very kind-hearted of you. Peace to all, friend and foe alike.

08/10/22 08:53 AM #1441    

John MacLeod

Ms. Rodes.

I will partner with you anytime in a game of Trivial Pursuit.  Don't forget the town on the other side is TingTang WW Bing Bang.  Man-o-Woman didn't we grow up in the era of such great, classic lyrics.

08/10/22 09:21 AM #1442    

John MacLeod

Mr. Hein,

TingTang and BingBang are most likely ghost towns.  I have not located them on any WA etate road maps.  I mean in a state with names like Physt and Sappho, those two should be easy to locate.  May have to see if a Pre- Cambian map is avaiable.  The guy who wrote the song and performed it in 1958 might know.

08/10/22 09:27 AM #1443    

John MacLeod

Bob T. did the Blue Angels rattle the windows at your place?

08/10/22 09:33 AM #1444    

John MacLeod

Ms Payne does your work out routine involve running up the bleachers at a local stadium ala Sly Stallone in Rocky?  Truly admire your gumption.  Oct, 5 is coming like a speeding locomotive.

08/11/22 09:26 AM #1445    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

You guys are making me laugh.  Haven't thought of Walla Walla Bing Bang in a hundred years. 

08/11/22 09:50 AM #1446    

Dorothy Rodes

Mr. MacLeod, my trivia lies mostly in the whimsical.

Judith, wow on many fronts.

Syliva, you are aging gracefully.

08/11/22 10:18 AM #1447    


Bruce R Hildebrand

Trivia about David Seville who produced Witch Doctor (1958) and would later go on to do Alvin and the Chipmonks.

From Wikipedia:
David "Dave" Seville is a fictional character, the producer and manager of the fictional singing group Alvin and the Chipmunks. The character was created by Ross Bagdasarian Sr., who had used the name "David Seville" as his stage name prior to the creation of the Chipmunks, while writing and recording novelty records in the 1950s.[1] One of the records, recorded in 1958 under the David Seville stage name, was "Witch Doctor", featuring a sped-up high-pitched vocal technique. Bagdasarian would later use that technique in "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)", which would introduce both Alvin and the Chipmunks as a singing group and Bagdasarian's music producer "Dave". Bagdasarian would go on to create The Alvin Show, based on the Alvin and the Chipmunks group, where he voiced the semi-fictional character David Seville,[2] based largely on himself, with Alvin based on Ross's sometimes rebellious son Adam.[1]

1. Blevins, Joe (November 10, 2015). "The Dark, Angry Father of 'Alvin and the Chipmunks'". Splitsider. Retrieved October 3, 2018.
2. Beck, Jerry (January 14, 2015). ""The Alvin Show" Coming to Blu-Ray". IndieWire. Retrieved October 3, 2018.


Here's the song.


08/11/22 10:52 AM #1448    

John MacLeod

How did we manage to get all our book larnin done.  All the classics for centuries to come.  Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Witch Doctor, Grandma and her demise by the reindeers.  Let us not forget Stan, Slo-mo, No-mo, Wunda Wunda, Yogi and Boo-Boo, Huckleberry Hound, Fred, Wilma,Betty, Barney and on and on.

Bruce, thanks for the back story on the WD and Alvin and the boys.  Alvin, Theodore and ????.  Probably suffering another brain backfire.  Rhymes with dart but starts with the letter after E and before G.

08/12/22 06:51 AM #1449    

Al Ovadia

Let's also not foget Pepita and Victor Rolla (sp), a cousin of Johnny Ola of Godfather fame. Ruff & Ready was a favorite of mine. Fury, My Friend Flicka and Rin Tin Tin were a couple of others.

08/12/22 07:33 AM #1450    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Great stuff you guys.  I love remembering all these long ago TV characters.

08/12/22 08:32 AM #1451    

Dorothy Rodes

Who is Simon? I also liked Ruff & Ready. Recall it was first in the lineup and can hear the theme song: Ruff & Ready, here comes Ruff & Ready ... First steady date was Friday 8pm with The Flinstones.

08/12/22 10:00 AM #1452    

John MacLeod

Dorthy, thanks for the answer.  All is now well with my world. 

Realized yesterday that I have now been married to my practice wife for more than half my lifetime.  I know that there are many of you have been married to their very own practice husband or wife for 3/4 of your lifetime.  Whoo!  Hoo!

Mr. Romance chaufered his very own practice wife to the big city of Olympia yeaterday.  Took her to a shopping spree at Harbor Freight (read hardware store).  She paid.  Drove her to a late lunch at the Ded Lobster.  She paid.  Then went to US Chef (Cash and Carry) to replenish houshold staples.  She paid.  Drove the 50 miles home.  I love being a kept man.  So far she has kept me.

Consolation Prize, Trophy Husband

08/13/22 07:00 AM #1453    


Bruce R Hildebrand

About Cash and Carry.  I shop there too, but only for certain items that are priced right.

If you havent yet discovered WINCO Foods, check them out.
Costco like in appearance, but a huge grocery store.  Prices are hard to beat.
Great Produce.  Their meats come from Hormel and are always top quality.
Winco brand prices are lowest around.   You can still get a fresh loaf of bread for under $1.

Open 24 hours!!  great for night owls.

Note: In order to keep prices low, they do not take credit cards!! 
Due to the transaction rates associated with credit card processing, our employee-owned stores do not accept credit cards. We accept debit cards that require a pin number.)

They do take debit cards, cash and checks

Currently in Kent and Everett, Edmonds, Olympia, with several in the Tacoma area.
A new store in Silverdale will open next week.

If you have a store near you, you will hardly shop anywhere else.

08/14/22 09:45 AM #1454    

John MacLeod

Been to Winco once or twice.  Something about the 90-100 mile round trip.  Generally make the 30 mile round trip to Shelton, WA.  Had a priscription sent to Shelton, Conneticut once.  A case of lights on nobody home at that doctor's office.  Perhaps Judith, Judy, J.P. could have driven across state lines and retrieved it for me.  Perhaps Mr. B. in Saco could have driven down there for me.  However he may have set it on a tee and driven it out to me with a Big Bertha.

08/14/22 09:54 AM #1455    

Bruce R Davidson

John, at our age, it's more like Participation Trophy Husband.

08/14/22 03:30 PM #1456    

John MacLeod

Bruce D.

Ooh, Ouch.  Isn't that a fact.  After I finished laughing my lungs out, I went out washed and waxed "She Who Must Be Obeyed's" supersonic red vehicle.  Figured I better keep my standing current for the  "Partisipation Trophy".

Everyone.  Take a gander at Nile D's picture.  He is really sporting that "Too cool for school" look. The pic may be a few years old, but the ultimate in cool thy name is Nile D.

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