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01/17/24 07:13 AM #1611    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Thanks Nancy for posting about Jerry's death.  I also really appreciate your inclusion of all the Shiva times.

01/18/24 08:46 AM #1612    

Marlene J Souriano (Souriano-Vinikoor)

I attended Jerry Grashin's funeral yesterday. His brother David described him during the HS days as very  popular. Yes and he often had 2 women at his side. I have known him more recently as an enthusiastic, grateful, happy man who did an enormous amount of priva te good deeds in our community. I was pleased to have visited him about a week before he died. He was the self appointed greeter at The Kline Galland Home where he lived these last years. After our visits there he always volunteered how he was "so happy to see you guys". I know he meant every kind gesture and loved life. He is irreplaceable. 

01/18/24 05:53 PM #1613    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

Thanks Marlene for your wonderful message of remembrances of our classmate Jerry.

01/18/24 06:01 PM #1614    

Mark Linden Hale

I was thinking about Jerry the other day while I was walking around 'The Loop'. What I remembered most was his ability to take a spontaneous idea and run with it. Sometimes it resulted in a little trouble, but it was always memorable and fun. It's good to hear Jerry retained his enthusiasm and warmth! Rest in Power!!! 

01/19/24 10:01 AM #1615    

Gary Crevling

Jerry's passing is sad news indeed but it brought back a flood of happy memories. And oh yes, that image of a young lady on each arm is an accurate one.  Jerry loved the ladies and they loved him back. I understand his life got much more complicated after we grew apart but i remember his delight in the outrageous and his profound concern for the well-being of others. Out on one of our nefarious adventures, Jerry insisted on stopping by three very different people, I wasn't uncomfortable but in after thought realized that Jerry was  somewhat of a "Country Doctor" just doing a standard sort of check-in on the lost and isolated. Care and concern is what he shared equally with all three and stood in surprising contrast to the hard partying we shared. Do I understand that his relationship to his religion became an increasingly important part of his life? And I don't know what took the last years of his life to the Kline/Galland house, but official greeter would have been a perfect role for him. God bless your kind soul and I'm grateful to have shared a part of my life with such an eccentric, complicated and compassionate man.


03/01/24 10:45 AM #1616    


John Hein

There's some chatter on FaceBook claiming Howard Lee has passed away. Does anybody have any info?

RIP Howard

03/01/24 10:54 AM #1617    

John MacLeod

Read a rumor that I am no longer on this corporeal plane   As Mark Twain wrote "The rumor of my demise is greatly exaggurated.."  Not yet, but as Jim Morrson said "Nobody gets out alive".

Blah, Blah Blah...............Got a million of em.

03/01/24 11:28 AM #1618    

John MacLeod

No info from here.

03/02/24 10:30 AM #1619    


John Hein

03/05/24 02:49 PM #1620    


John Hein

Unofficially I've been able to reconnoiter that Howard Lee lost his battle with cancer. Always sad to lose another classmate, without regard to cause. RIP Howard

03/06/24 02:31 PM #1621    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

John Hein found some unofficial information that Howard Lee lost his battle with cancer.  If anyone is able to find out anything more, I would appreciate the info.  John couldn't find any online obituary.  Thanks

03/07/24 07:49 AM #1622    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

Received this information from our friend Marvin Hamanishi about Howard Lee.

Howard passed away at home on Feb 29, 2024 after a courageous battle with cancer. 

03/10/24 10:59 AM #1623    


John Hein

This just in....  There's more pix @ the link. RIP Howard

03/11/24 10:47 AM #1624    

John MacLeod

Howard Lee.  What a good friend.  Had that fancy 52-53 Olds in school.  About as big as a house, but really nice.  He lived in Bryn Mar, so I used to see him occaisonally around the south end. 

Farewell friend.  Smooth the road ahead for us.

03/11/24 10:57 AM #1625    

John MacLeod

Speaking of big cars.  Think it was Greg Wold who had a 38-40 Chrysler.  I remember it being as big as a boat.  If memory serves me correctly.  It had a semi-automatic four speed on the column.  Used the clutch to start and stop.   If I am wrong, I don't think I can delete that memory.  Just don't ask what happened yesterday.

03/12/24 08:28 AM #1626    

Greg Wold

John, you were close...sort of.  It was actually a 1949 Desoto.  (See pic.)  You might recognize the background also.  The transmission was called "Fluid Drive". I'm amazed you remembered all of that. Way to go!  Greg

03/12/24 10:47 AM #1627    

John MacLeod

Greg, et al,

Man oh man,  I am smoking it on all sylinders. I got the century correct, narrowed it down to the first half of the 20th.  Indicated that it had a steering column, shift lever and a loose nut behind the wheel.  There was a loose nut riding shotgun from time to time  Thanks for the photo of your DeSoto  and shot of the Boulevard behind the school.  Only thing missing is an impromptu drag race from the back steps and up 31st Ave.  Dave Maki, Dave Eberharter and Lenny Rose.  Only the names are not changed to protect the guilty.

03/12/24 10:58 AM #1628    

John MacLeod

Seems to me that Fred Westergaard's dad was fan of the Chrysler/DeSotos.  Remember going to Cannon Beach, OR with Fred's family in 62 orf 63 during spring break.  There is a long straight away on Hwy 30 between Clatskanie and Astoria.  I recall that his Dad put the pedal to the metal on that stretch of road, at Fred's request.  Blowing the dust off, so to speak.

03/12/24 02:37 PM #1629    

Philip Anderson

I remember many a sweet ride in Greg's Desoto....

04/10/24 03:38 PM #1630    

Reunion Pictures Aaaaaa

Attention Classmates Lance Akutsu has contacted me to see about trying to set up a get together with our class this summer. Unfortunately because of Covid we never were able to plan anything for our 55th. Lance has done this before and the suggestion is to get together Friday August 2nd for lunch at "The Feast Buffet" located at 485 Renton Way in Renton. The suggestion is to arrive around 11:30am. This restaurant is Asian inspired but has many food options.  There is plenty of parking and the restaurant is very large and can handle big groups.  Our hope is to get a large turnout to reminisce and reconnect. No RSVP is necessary just show up but please pass on this message to other classmates. Lance and I look forward to seeing everyone.



04/10/24 06:34 PM #1631    

David Azose

Sorry the invitation message was written by Dave Azose

04/11/24 11:37 AM #1632    

Dorothy Rodes

I was at the last alumni event at The Feast. It was easy and swell to connect.

04/12/24 09:37 AM #1633    

Jim Blyth

I spoke to Lance yesterday and confirmed that I will be attending the lunch get together on August 2, 2024.   I will be in Seattle from August 1 to September 4, 2024.  Looking forward to seeing my friends from the class of FHS 68.  If anyone wants to reach me in advance, feel free to contact me on my mobile at 828-734-4444.  





04/13/24 11:31 AM #1634    

Mark Weaver

Glad to hear you are going to be in town at that time. It will be great to see you again Jim.

04/14/24 09:52 AM #1635    

Jim Blyth

It will be great to see you as well Mark, looking forward to it.  

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