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09/10/23 08:31 AM #1577    

Wayne Cofer

John,   Bill and I did attend the open house at FHS. Was fun to see just how much the school has changed.  I like the way it is layed out inside  with a hall way circle going all the way around. As for finding our state cross country trophy -- did not find it. They did have some sections of the 2nd floor closed due to construction and it might have  been  in that area. 

09/10/23 11:43 AM #1578    

Mike O'Brien

Truly miss Don V. & Friendly M. I miss them both!

09/11/23 09:13 AM #1579    


John Hein

As Sheriff McLeod vaguely alluded to in an allegorically obfuscated metaphorical fashion, there's an event made to order for elder hydro fans. The event will see vintage hydros on Lake Chelan. How old are the hydros? Well, they're sooo old they have piston engines!!! And, AND, here's where the linkage to the class of '68 ties in: One of our own will be piloting one o' those vintage hydros!!! I can't reveal his name as that would be indiscreet, but his initials are Sam Amira, hydro pilot par excellence!!! For the granular details:       

Hope to see some of you there, peace, out...


09/11/23 01:17 PM #1580    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

That is so cool, John!  Lake Chelan is too far from Toronto for me to make the trip, but my very grown-up nephew lives in eastern Wash and is a huge hydro fan. Will pass this on!  Sylvia

09/29/23 11:41 AM #1581    

John MacLeod

The Everest Challenge has come and gone for another year.  Our very own Judy Payne completed the 29,029 feet in under 36 hours.  Not the actual mountain, but the nearly 30,000 foot equivalent.  Too cool for sure.

09/30/23 04:17 AM #1582    


Judith E. Payne

Thanks for the msg, John.  The climb was at Whistler Mountain, such a wonderful setting and my "heaven" for skiing when I was a kid.  I only made it there once.  After my climb (it is actually 8 ascents of Whistler adding up to 29,029 feet), I visited family in Seattle and had a great visit with Mayumi and Sara Thompson.  I'll be back in early December for a few days too.  Any chance I could attend a lunch with some of you?


10/09/23 08:12 AM #1583    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Yeah Judy that would be great.  Give us your dates and we'll see what we can set up.

10/09/23 08:16 AM #1584    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

So sorry to hear about Friendly Mitchel's passing.  We went to Madrona Elementary together and he was always friendly.

10/10/23 12:34 PM #1585    


John Hein

This past weekend one our classmates rode/piloted the Miss Wahoo U77. I can't tell you his name as that would be indiscreet, but his initials are Sam Amira. Congrats and kudos Sam, U Dah MAN!!! The deep azure sky was perfect, and the whole weekend was a great real-time walk down memory lane.

10/10/23 12:40 PM #1586    


John Hein

I can't say this is Sam, but somebody's underway to the ride of a lifetime. The announcer said each lap around the course consumes $90 in fuel. An oustanding example of gallons-per-mile, eh what? 

10/11/23 09:37 AM #1587    

Gary Crevling

This is not a response to John's message.  In order to settle a family "discussion", I'm trying to find out what a Prom dress would have cost between 1966 and 1968 if purchased from Seattle's most exclusive retail store, Best Apparel. Do any of our classmates remember what they paid? A ball park estimate would work or if you purchased one from another department store that would help, but it seems Best Apparel set the bench mark.Thanks




10/11/23 11:04 AM #1588    

John MacLeod

A great time was on the agenda last weekend, at Lake Chelan.  The weather was outstanding.  The unlimiteds did not race, but made many laps around the course.  Two, three or four at a time.  Almost like a race, with the roar of thunder and roostertails.  Four of us from the Class of 68 hooked up and stalked the ellusive Sam.  We probably saw him many times, but did not know he was in the Wahoo.  Next year.

  Look up Mahogany and Merlot on "You Tube" to see some of the action from this year and years past.

10/12/23 11:43 AM #1589    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

Hi Gary,

I didn't go to the prom (too much of a hippie for such things!) but I'd guess that a party dress from Best would have run between $75-150. I bought a Pendelton wool dress that I wore for work and it was $50, much more than I would have usually paid but it was considered "good" and a worthwhile investment because of the quality. I still remember being shocked that I would spend that much for a dress at the time, but "good clothes" were a thing then.  :)  


10/13/23 09:16 AM #1590    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

Checked in with Kiki Kahani (Wiksel) from our class by email.   She lives in Tel Aviv.  Kiki says that she and her family are okay, but everyone is traumatized.  

10/17/23 08:04 PM #1591    

Ric Rivera

Awesome previous posts!

Ok, Seward Park was the back or front door for some of our classmates. For all of us in the hood, it was our playground sanctuary. Old Growth! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO Link! - The insert below was written by Paul Shannon, Friends of Seward Park in the nextdoor website. - You may wish to Support Research into Species Decline in Seward Park’s Old-Growth Forest - 

The Friends of Seward Park just released an 18-minute documentary on the old-growth "Magnificent Forest" at Seward Park.  We got permission through the mayor's office to fly a drone, so you will see some beautiful footage from above and within the canopy of our rare 500-year old forest.
Despite years of (mostly) citizen science effort, we still do not understand why the sword ferns are dying.   We have been glad to see that though the die-off continues, it has now slowed down.
The documentary film tells the story, brings in many strong voices: scientific, indigenous, and from young people - a wide sample from our diverse neighborhood. 

This winter, with UW interns, we will  do an in-depth survey of  dramatic ongoing mortality of Western Hemlocks. 
Looking on the bright side, we found out last summer that the many huge & beautiful doug firs, the backbone of the forest, appear to be in good health.

10/18/23 08:20 AM #1592    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Thanks Ric.  I'm grateful to get this update on our beloved Seward Park.

10/18/23 08:21 AM #1593    

Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Steve Condioty,  Happy belated birthday.  Hope you had lots of fun. L'shalom, Yaela

10/18/23 10:48 AM #1594    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

Thanks for the Seward Park video, Ric. Had no idea that was old growth forest. All those years of rocketing around the loop in happy ignorance. Sad and scary the ferns are dying -- hope they figure it out and get the help they need!  

10/20/23 12:02 PM #1595    

Wayne Cofer

Thanks for the info on Seward park. It was a great story. 

 I do hope they figure out how to save the ferns in the park. 

Shame how much is alread gone.

Besides all the fields of large ferns and the wonderful old tree, I miss the old fish hatchery too.  

The video brought back a lot of memories.  

Bill and I used to run along all the various paths with in the park. Our cross country team would 

run down from Franklin and do hill workouts at Seward park. I really enjoyed them. 

OK,  that might have come across as a rather sick coment -- but I truly did love those hill work outs. 




10/21/23 01:12 PM #1596    

Mike O'Brien

Seward Park, for many of us, was (is?) a big and beautiful playground. So many good times spent there! Sad that they had to stop the drive-around option. Sign of the times I guess. Still a gorgeous park!

10/22/23 07:26 AM #1597    

Al Ovadia

Thanks Ric. Brings back lots of memories.

10/22/23 12:25 PM #1598    

John MacLeod

Gary,  I checked with the wife unit.  Her dress cost $125.00 in 1964.  I bought a pair of Danner Boots in 1965 for $35.00.  Same boots are now $475.00.  !972 a 4'x8'x1/2" sheet of plasterboard was $.75.  It is now $16.50 .   A 2"x4"x8' stud was $.25, is now $3.75.  Suits at Klophensteins cost me $125.00 each and a tuxedo was $275.00.  All circa 1974.  My first year at WSU cost me a total of $1,920.00 for room, board, tuition books and misc. BS.  I had an envelope with all the reciepts until a year/two ago.  Oh, wait.  Those are all from the latter quarter of the 20th century.  What gives with that?  That might make a prom dress $1,500.00 to $2,200.00, today.  Ouch!  By my math that means prices have gone up from 15 to 20 times.  

Maybe some answers at the next family dinner.  Stuff happens traveling west............John

10/22/23 12:39 PM #1599    

John MacLeod

Sherry Jones lived at the hatchery.  One of my Times paper routes included her house and the concession building.  What a pain in the sit-down when it came time to collect.  Made a good chunk of changes collecting bottles and hauling them up to Ray's Thriftway.  Like most of us, great memories.

10/22/23 02:19 PM #1600    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

Sherry Jones' father, cleaned out one of the fish ponds and let Sherry and I swim in the pond.


10/23/23 07:57 AM #1601    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)


Glad your wife confirmed the range I figured.  The sad thing is, we probably wouldn't pay $125 for a dress now -- things are so cheaply made and made by people being paid peanuts. We used to sew our own clothes because it was less expensive. Now it's MORE expensive to make your own clothing.  Wish housing, healthcare and education prices had kept pace with clothing prices!  

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