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11/17/20 06:53 PM #1325    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

So sorry to hear of two more gone.  Thank you, John, for finding out and letting us know and thanks, Nancy, for posting.  

11/18/20 09:11 AM #1326    

Al Ovadia

So sorry to hear of the loss of both Lawrence and LeRoy. LeRoy and I met at Graham Hill and wreaked havoc as members of the Cub Scouts that met down the street from his house as I recall at a church. Den 13 I believe. He was someone I did not know well as we grew older but I have very fond memories of our childhood together. May he and Lawrence Rest in Peace.

11/19/20 06:27 AM #1327    

Philip Anderson

I too am sorry to here about the passing of Leroy and Lawrence. I didn't know Leroy but remember Lawrence all the way back to my early days at Whitworth. I remember him as being kind of a tough guy when I first met him and one of those that I shared my K-12 experience. May they both rest in peace.

11/29/20 12:25 AM #1328    


John Hein

Yes, John of Hoodwink, I sensed your symbolic gesture via the Dalles. I warned the Emporer: The Farce is strong with this one; he has learned to control his beer....... What'll it be next? A Death Keg, as foretold in the Book Of Fallopians...... 

12/03/20 04:08 PM #1329    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

I am really glad you guys are only looney some of the time.

12/10/20 03:42 PM #1330    


Peggy Johnson

Sounds like some of you are taking trips especially John. Sounded like quite a trip John.  Well I am definitely taking a trip.  I am moving to Sun City West in Arizona!  I can't believe it myself.  Hope I will like it.  It will be a huge change from here. 

I am still keeping my Washington real estate license alive, so I am going to try and sell real estate here too - maybe be a snowbird.  So if anyone wants to move there, let me know.  I am getting my real estate license in Arizona too. No retirement for me I guess :)   Just thought I would let you all know what the latest was. Will check in on you as time goes by.

Take care!


12/10/20 03:53 PM #1331    


Peggy Johnson

Hi Nancy - Just wanted to ask if it is possible to post a high school picture and a recent picture - if that is at all possible after announcing the death of a classmate.  It's been a long time since I have seen their faces, although I remember their names, at least some of them.  Thanks for your great job with the Message Forum.  I think I saw you briefly at the last reunion too.  Anyway, I have been wanting to ask that question for a while. :)

12/10/20 05:37 PM #1332    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

Welcome to Arizona Peggy.  We will probably be out in the Sun City area tomorrow geocaching as we do most every day.  There are some beautiful areas here if you are willing to see a different kind of beauty.  Most everyone is from somewhere else, so people tend to be welcoming and friendly.  Let me see if I still have pictures from the obituaries.  Not sure who if anyone did the annual pictures.

12/11/20 09:38 AM #1333    


Peggy Johnson

Thanks Nancy!  So glad to know you are there.  I sent you a PM.  Also thanks for posting pictures!  

12/11/20 02:33 PM #1334    


Peggy Johnson

That's so funny John - I am dragging my feet a little because it will be so different, but I have visited for a couple of weeks so maybe it will be fine.  Thanks for your well wishes...  Btw - I enjoy your posts. :)

12/12/20 05:12 AM #1335    


Judith E. Payne

Nancy, I hope your move goes well.  It sounds like you checked it out well and there are lots of friendly people there.  I made a big move myself from DC to Hanover NH 4 years ago -- sort of the opposite of a snowbird move.  I packed up after 20 yrs in DC to move to a small town where one of my daughters had moved with 2 kids.  It was lonely at first but has turned out very well.   Good luck!   Judy




12/13/20 10:52 AM #1336    


Peggy Johnson

Are you talking to Nancy or Peggy?  I am just moving and Nancy has been living there.  If it is for me - thanks 

12/19/20 07:55 AM #1337    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

John MacLeod, I had never looked at Nick Perensovich's website.  Good grief!  And he lives in Angola, now.  His profile page is quite minimal -- anyone know what Nick has been up to?  My curiousity is now boundless!

12/20/20 09:31 AM #1338    


Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Sylvia, when I go to the website posted on Nick's profile I just get lots of pictures from all over the world. How did you get the information that he's in Angola now?
Thanks. Have a wonderful holiday.

12/20/20 01:38 PM #1339    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

Apparently, the Angola on Nick's home page was a prank by the universe.  

Stay safe out there, everyone, and happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy new year!

12/21/20 10:16 AM #1340    


Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

John of Hoodwink, is the SharPei wrinkle maintainer still available? I want one. Just can't get enough of those wrinkles. Also if anyone knows of a way to make arthritis worse, I'm in the market. I'm not getting enough sympathy for arthritis at my current level and I'm hoping for more empathic attention if it gets worse.
Happy Solstice, belated Chanukah wishes, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and Best Wishes for a non-covid, non-quarantined, healthy & happy New Year!

12/25/20 09:12 AM #1341    


Peggy Johnson

Merry Christmas to everyone!🎄

12/25/20 06:45 PM #1342    


Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Thanks Peggy. John, I'm so sorry to hear of your Shar Pei disappointment. I think I do vaguely remember Art W.

01/01/21 12:15 AM #1343    

Ric Rivera

Ya all raise a cup of kindness and cheer crossing into the New Year 2021 leaving a challenging strange 2020  - we won't soon forget. BEST WISHES for a Healthy and SAFE Journey wherever you go whatever you'll be doing. Set your compass.  It will be a whole lot better as we move on. 

01/01/21 08:32 AM #1344    


Peggy Johnson

Thanks Ric. Great post!  Happy New Year everyone!  Wow 2021. Couldn't wait to get out of 2020.  Lol

01/13/21 12:47 PM #1345    

Betty St Germaine (Arendall)

The message is gone now, but Amen Brother John!

01/27/21 10:49 AM #1346    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

I received word today of the passing of classmate Steve Domes on Monday night or early Tuesday morning.  I will post further information in the In Memory section when I am able to compile it.

01/28/21 03:32 PM #1347    


John Hein

Thanks for posting Nancy. The last time I saw Steve was on picket duty during the great 1995 strike at Boeing. Never a good time to hear we've lost another. RIP Steve 

02/02/21 07:30 PM #1348    

Bruce R Davidson

Sad to hear about Steve passing. We used to play tennis at Sharples and golf at Jefferson short 9. He was always upbeat and didn't have a bad bone in his body. Fairways and greens, Steve.

02/03/21 10:23 AM #1349    

Dempsey Henley

East Brighton..WE got to name our school Graham Hill..that was cool!
Steve Domes and Leroy Huffman was part of our group of fun buddies. We raced through the "breezeway",played tag between the portables. Steve was always a gentleman and friend. Leroy I knew though business before he moved to Long Beach. Remembered and laughed lots. Both these gentleman are my history and I feel it.Stay safe and healthy
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