Diane Hunter Phelps

Profile Updated: September 30, 2013
Residing In: Kent, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Max D. Phelps
Occupation: Currently, housewife/grandma
Children: Michole,born 1973;Matthew,born 1976.
Grandchildren: Nicholas Christopher,born 2005; Gibson Phelps,born More…2006. Charles Christopher, born April 2009.
Surprise! A girl! Maxine Christopher, born 2010.
Super Surprise! Byrun Phelps, born 2012. I think that's all, folks.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Attending Reunion



Attended U of W where I majored in Art, studied French, which still comes in handy! I only went for 2 years and realized I wasn't really ready for this yet.
So I worked for my dad and his partner. They owned "Impression Printing", which was in downtown Seattle. They did everything. One of their best known jobs was panorama photos of Seattle. I learned everything. I really loved working there. I considered making that my profession.
My dad loved to dance. He always won dance contests. My mother also loved to dance. That is how they met in WW2.
My mother was a dancer and dance teacher. She always played records and danced and sang. So, I loved to dance, and we sang duettes.
Her real job was a secretary. So I took secretarial training in school as she did.
Hey boys, at UW I dated! I danced! Met Max Phelps at UW (he was in UW School of Pharmacy. Max had to move to Eureka, CA to get his internship. Married Max in Reno, 1971. We lived in Eureka, Ca.(hippy central). Moved to Moses Lake, where Mark Benecke was DJ. Moved to Port Angeles, where our daughter, Michole, was born in '73. Moved back to Seattle,our son Matt was born in '76. Spent lots of time in Children's Hosp. with our son and daughter. So when the "Beach Boys"were coming to visit the "Teen Age" floor, (1 floor above us) a nurse came down to our floor to tell just me, and said I couldn"t tell anyone. She said she would come down to get the three of us and bring us up for a "Private meeting with just the Beach Boys. So, the next day we got a totally private meeting (not even the nurse could stay) with "The Beach Boys" in COH. They gave us souvenirs and signed them! They also each signed a blank paper. They asked to hold Matt (he was about 6mo.) while they talked to Michole (she was about 4 yr) and Me. Michole still has those in her "Trunk" of special things.
I was "super-mom" taking Michole to ballet at Cornish, Matt, Michole & me took tap, and jazz. And we danced and sang. I helped out at their school. I was Popcorn Lady at lunch and also cotton candy lady at school events. I was also the Avon Lady for 3 territories around the elementary and Jr Hi (in West Seattle).
Got involved in helping girls and women. Made contacts, got a story on TV and did more. Got results!
Max ended up Chief Pharmacist at PharMerica where I worked as a B-tech & delivery. I learned sign language to train a deaf girl. Our daughter Michole worked there, met Scott Christopher & his mom there. She married Scott. She was Head of Collections(the items that come to the museum)at the Burke (UW).
Our son Matt is reporter plus for Kirkland Reporter, Bothell,+. Amazing Stories! Has won so many awards and trophies.
I am a Blue Belt in Shaolin Kempo, at United Studios of Self Defense. .Nicholas,born Island Reporter. Is married and has a son, Gibson, born 6/06. Kent. I have had private lessons in Tai Chi from a Shaolin Monk! Remember the TV show, "Kung Fu" (David Carridine)? That Shaolin Kempo. Those Shaolin Monks in China. The "coolest" thing that happened just last mo.(Aug), at USSD's first Washington State Tournament (my 1st tournament)was the top people there of USSD told us this was the most amazing and unusual tournament they had ever seen. They saw so much camaraderie. The closest, warmest, everyone was hugging and cheering for everyone else.
This was really meaningfull to me.
It was the same thing a waiter said to me at our (FHS) 30th Class Reunion! He said he had never seen a class reunion where everyone was so happy to see everyone and everyone was hugging. He just felt like this was something very special.
(WA. dojo's are in Redmond, Kirklnad,some others north, and Kent (mine). There were also dojo's from Canada.
Late breaking news! USSD just opened new dojo on Mercer Island!
I will really miss not being at the 40th. I will be anxious to hear from any and all classmates. Love you all, Diane Phelps

School Story:

I have lots of great memories from being a part of the Franklin High School Class of '68. So many of us who grew up together from Whitworth, and others from Sharples and on to the big and best FHS. I had a couple of male upper classmates that decided they needed to be my "protector" (from the bad guys). One of whom was Allen Benaroya - wow, what a great friend!
I always wondered why I had boy "friends" but never boyfriends?
Senior Year I took "Foods". Mark Benecky and I were assigned to go buy the food. We went in his car to buy the food. We bought the food needed. Then we came back to the car. He got out the key, it wouldn't unlock the door. He tried again, I think the key broke! I am not sure how we got back.
My Senior year my mother decided when I graduated from Franklin we were going to move to Honolulu, Hawaii, and I would go to the University of Hawaii.
But, that would leave me living alone in our apartment (in Columbia City).
So, she asked me if my best friend since 7th grade, Lilly Chin, could move in with me. . She could. Even though she was going to Franklin, she had decided she wanted to go to Garfield her senior year. Why? Her boyfriend was going to Garfield. Somehow, she got to go to Garfield!
So, Lilly and I were living in my mom's and my apartment for our Senior High
year. My mother was living in Hawaii looking for an apartment for her and I to move to when I graduated from Franklin. We didn't move to Hawaii!

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This is me, Diane (the only female in this photo)Sat., Sept.23,2008 at United Studios of Self Defense's first Wa. State Tournament (and mine)@Seattle's Grand Hyatt Hotel.
I was helping out one of the guys in the sparring event. See, I am a Purple Belt!