Dave Eberharter

Profile Updated: September 13, 2008
Residing In: Snohomish, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: JanMarie
Occupation: General Contractor
Children: Josiah Michael; April 20, 1996
Asa Matthew 7; August 1, 1999
Elijah Ishmael; May 19, 2003
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Following my brothers death while in my senior year at Franklin, I wasted (somewhat) several years at small colleges until I became a double major in economics at the UW. In my senior year I became disillusioned with the knowledge and understanding of the corruption and manipulations of the plutocratic elite in national and world economics, politics and ultimately the everyday lives and events of the peoples who populate this earth. I worked various jobs prior to becoming self employed as a painting contractor in 1975 and then a general contractor in 1981. Became a professed Christian in 1986 and was baptized into Christ in 1992. Married JanMarie in 1992 and had our first son, Josiah in 1996. Moved from Seattle in 1997 to 30 acres in the Cascade Mountain Range foothills for a country life and had two more sons, Asa and Elijah. I am greatly blessed by a godly wife and sons.

I would also like to mention that I was an e-coli survivor (remember the Jack in the Box outbreak) whose medical records were expunged by the Federal Government when I realized that I was to become another fatality of allopathic medicine and left the unfortunate protocall used (especially for those that remained and died as a result of it) to be ultimately healed through alternative medicine. As a result, I ultimately became acquainted with some brilliant MD's who also left behind the mere symptom suppression (and ultimately harmful) practice of dispensing pills and performing expensive and debilitating procedures of the accepted and standardized allopathic medical realm to pursue true cure rather than the "control drug or procedure" that most of us have been taught to believe is "cure". There is more, but few care to listen or honestly investigate for themselves and instead trust their belief and understanding to those behind the "white coats" and "big pharma". I am saddened by the statistical prospect that that many of my former classmates are among those who were misled and medicated to an early death.

School Story:

I had a wonderful time at Franklin and am thankful that I met so many diverse and wonderful people. I think it humorous that I was page five editor (the sports section) of the Franklin Tolo while regarding competitive sports as a huge waste of time (especially as a spectator); but the journalism class itself was both educationally productive and fun at the same time. I am thankful that so many of my teachers were actually quite dedicated and concerned for the futures of their students and sought to impart the most knowledge they could in the three years we were with them. I especially remember Mr. Iverson who was my math teacher and gave me a "B" in the second half of my senior year math class following my brother's death. I was a straight "A" math student up to that point but really "lost it" and deserved a "D" for my last semester lack of performance. Thanks Mr. Iverson.

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Dave Eberharter has a birthday today.
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Dave Eberharter has a birthday today.
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With 45,000 ingnored email in my inbox I clearly am not a online socializer.  But today I read the sad news of Carl's passing.  In the last two years of high school and for several years after, Carl, John Hein and I spent alot of time together.  We attended my concerts together and stayed out all night walking through Seattle's various parks.  But the two events that I remember most were the night we went to Green River Gorge on a New Moon and the Chicago Transit Authority concert at Eagles Auditorium.

With no flashlights we walked on the trail at Green River until we came to a steel barier cable.  We crossed it and stopped to set up our sleeping bags when we heard rushing water close ahead.  In the morning Carl woke the rest of us to the fact that we had slept on a huge boulder rock 20 or so feet above the river and just 3.5 feet from the edge.  Carl's eyes were like saucers and he said "We could have went over the edge!"  Indeed, God was looking out for us stumbling fools in the dark!

Probably the best concert in my life was CTA as they were called then (before sued by the actual Transit Authority of Chicago).  Nothing matched the accoustics of the wooden structure of Eagle's Auditorium.  The place was so packed with people that you could hardly walk and Chicago was the hottest rock group in the country at the time.  I remember Carl was a little bit to "up" but settled down to later claim it was the best concert he had been to yet.  The group's "I'm a Man" just about brought the house down and was incredible to say the least.

Losing contact with Carl (and others as well) over the years I now deeply regret.  Carl always made me/us laugh at every turn.  I was honored to be his friend, and will remember him fondly and at his best, always.

Dave Eberharter has a birthday today.
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