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08/18/18 07:21 AM #1254    

Marlene J Souriano (Souriano-Vinikoor)


I looked at our 68’ yearbook and didn’t find your photo. Did you go by a different name?

08/18/18 07:28 AM #1255    

Susan Fannan (Kaeser)

Gregory, I still have the same issue. 2 n's in the middle of Fannan. I hope they correct them by next Saturday.



08/18/18 07:42 AM #1256    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

Marlene, Yaele is Georgina Palmer 

08/18/18 07:44 AM #1257    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

We have heard from a classmate that Lorraine Toy may have passed away.  I didn't know Lorraine well, so I am a little bit handicapped in searching for information on her.  The Lorraine Toy that passed away September 2017 in Texas was born in 1954 so I don't think that is our gal.  Does anyone else have any information that might help narrow the search?  I did find a possible Lorraine Sauwoon Toy, with a possible last name of Quan living in California.  Thanks for any help you can give me.

08/18/18 07:46 AM #1258    

Al Ovadia

Denise, tickets can be purchased at the door for $5.

08/18/18 08:12 AM #1259    

Theresa (Teri) Escobar

For those of you whose names were misspelled,  no worries,  I have made corrections for the final check-in list and has been corrected for your name tags.  See you next week!

Teri Escobar

08/18/18 07:55 PM #1260    

Mark Benecke

One more correction.  Margaret is married (for 43 years) to my twin brother Jerry...not me.  My wife Beth is not attending the reunion.  She is going be showing her brother Jeff and sister-in-law Barb from Texas some of Seattle's best tourist attractions.  I'll be joining them on Sunday for a cruise to Alaska, which I'm sure will be a great way for Jeff and Barb to escape the Texas heat!  Looking forward to seeing everyone at our 50th class reunion!!

08/19/18 08:38 AM #1261    

Theresa (Teri) Escobar

Hi Mark - I have it down correctly on my finalized check-in list.  Thank you.


08/19/18 04:10 PM #1262    

Ric Rivera

Update 8-21-18                  124 Friday / 191 Saturday 

WELCOMING : Elaine Seay Davis & Judy Payne


Update 8-20-18  New List  120 Friday / 190 Saturday 

Update from message # 1249 

Good thing lists’ are malleable or work-in-progress till it’s final conclusion. I had to nudge the editor to shape up or else.


08/20/18 11:38 AM #1263    


John MacLeod

Wellllllll,,,,, It looks like I am going to miss a dust up party this time.  Hope nobody gets pulled over afterwards for a DWOC, (driving while old and cranky), because most will be up past their bedtime.

I still work and am in the middle of an out of town rehab/remodel.  After 52 years in my profession I managed to run my fingers through a tablesaw and couldn't work for a month.  Put me way behind schedule.  No stitches, no trip to the ER.  Took care of it on the job.  No pain, just mad at myself.  But hey, another new experience.

4 finger John.............................

Have great time catching up...................

08/20/18 12:24 PM #1264    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

We will miss you John MacLeod.

08/21/18 06:07 AM #1265    

Donna Amira

Take care. Donna

08/22/18 09:38 AM #1266    

Dorothy Rodes

Was looking forward to connecting, John. May all go swimmingly.

08/22/18 01:23 PM #1267    

Paul Nogaki

Hey John, you're not the only one who does something really stupid like that! Twenty years ago I was mowing my folk's lawn with Dad's brand new electric mower and I backed up a couple of steps because the cord was too short to turn around. Fell down over a landscape rock and my foot came off the ground and the lightweight mower came off the ground... WHAP! Two toes missing! Never found a trace of them, but the doctor at Harborview saved my ability to walk normally. Signed, Paul Nogatoes

08/23/18 03:37 PM #1268    


John MacLeod

Good one Paul.  I always thought the Styx song was Mr Roboto.  Now I realize that you were their inspiration for the refrain....domo arigato mr nogotoes.  Maybe it will be on the play list at the reunion/sock hop.                   Have a really good time............,.John

09/03/18 08:27 AM #1269    

John Hein

Greets 68-ers,

If anybody has contact info on Tom Johnson or Phil Goodall, pleez let them know I left them messages here and would like to hear from them. It was great seeing the classmates, but I'm still trying to process that half-century time marker. All the best to all, John


09/04/18 08:17 AM #1270    

Debbie Kashino

 Here is a group photo I took.  

10/09/18 09:07 PM #1271    

Dorothy Rodes

What a memorable treat to connect and be pitched back into the formative, historic time that was our high school years ... poignant in light of the current climate. It was heartfelt fun! Thank you to all who put in the time and effort required! ... and to all who, like me, just showed up. I am up for more more and willing to participate in making that happen.

For those who are in or near Seattle, i invite you to my gig October 20 ... deets are on the Home Page.

Happy trails until we meet again.

10/11/18 08:49 AM #1272    


Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

Dorothy, what a nice comment.  I'm hoping to make it on the 20th as I have wanted to hear you sing for a long time.  I'm going to a full day conference that day so may be simply too pooped by 9pm to attend.  Can you give me a list of other possibilities to hear you?

10/13/18 10:00 PM #1273    

Dorothy Rodes

Yaela, thank you for your interest. It would be swell to see you. No expectations here ... it's late especially if you've been engaged all day. I don't have a gig scheduled yet hope to have one early next year. Take care.

11/04/18 06:17 PM #1274    

Ric Rivera

The photographer's 121 photos are now uploaded to Shutterfly "Franklin Class of 68 Reunion," album "2018 FHS Reunion Aug 24th - 25th," view only - Create an account for approval if you want more. These are on Facebook "Franklin High School Quakers Class of 68 50th Reunion Seattle." Also awaiting approval on "Franklin High School Quakers" private fb group sites for my five videos. ENJOY!

11/07/18 09:02 AM #1275    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

I have a question for everyone.  The website admins got an email saying that Karen Morisaki Burleson was deceased.  No explanation,no date, no information.  Is anyone in contact with Karen?  The last address we have for her is in Kent.  I checked the local obituaries and have found nothing.  It takes time for the state death records to get updated, so it may be a while before we can find anything out from that source.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.

11/08/18 01:39 PM #1276    


John MacLeod


According to the WA. State Courts Karen Morisaki died on Sept 20, 2018. She was single since 2009 and apparently went back to her maiden name.  I could not find an obituary for her, under her married or maiden name.  Fairly sure that it is our Karen.


11/10/18 09:43 PM #1277    

Debbie Kashino

I saw two of Karen Morisaki's cousins tonight.  Sadly both confirmed that Karen passed away from cancer shortly after our reunion.  I saw her a couple years ago and she looked so nice and seemed so happy.  Another reminder for all of us to enjoy each day and be grateful for our good health!

11/10/18 09:47 PM #1278    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

Thanks John and Debbie.  John, can you message me with a URL for the info on Karen, and or Debbie, any obituary if there is one, or perhaps one of her cousins would write up something for us.  So sad to lose another one.  RIP Karen.

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