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11/04/18 06:17 PM #1274    

Ric Rivera

The photographer's 121 photos are now uploaded to Shutterfly "Franklin Class of 68 Reunion," album "2018 FHS Reunion Aug 24th - 25th," view only - Create an account for approval if you want more. These are on Facebook "Franklin High School Quakers Class of 68 50th Reunion Seattle." Also awaiting approval on "Franklin High School Quakers" private fb group sites for my five videos. ENJOY!

11/07/18 09:02 AM #1275    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

I have a question for everyone.  The website admins got an email saying that Karen Morisaki Burleson was deceased.  No explanation,no date, no information.  Is anyone in contact with Karen?  The last address we have for her is in Kent.  I checked the local obituaries and have found nothing.  It takes time for the state death records to get updated, so it may be a while before we can find anything out from that source.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.

11/08/18 01:39 PM #1276    


John MacLeod


According to the WA. State Courts Karen Morisaki died on Sept 20, 2018. She was single since 2009 and apparently went back to her maiden name.  I could not find an obituary for her, under her married or maiden name.  Fairly sure that it is our Karen.


11/10/18 09:43 PM #1277    

Debbie Kashino

I saw two of Karen Morisaki's cousins tonight.  Sadly both confirmed that Karen passed away from cancer shortly after our reunion.  I saw her a couple years ago and she looked so nice and seemed so happy.  Another reminder for all of us to enjoy each day and be grateful for our good health!

11/10/18 09:47 PM #1278    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

Thanks John and Debbie.  John, can you message me with a URL for the info on Karen, and or Debbie, any obituary if there is one, or perhaps one of her cousins would write up something for us.  So sad to lose another one.  RIP Karen.

12/29/18 06:35 PM #1279    

Ric Rivera

2018 was 10 degrees above normal – Our summer had the thermal trough bringing us the smokey atmosphere around into late August.  No bah-humbug - hang-ups set aside and forgiving. We found our way through the haze anyway, what a great reunion for all to enjoy good vibes fifty years later. Dang! That was a lot of work! Though, it was well the effort of many and those who attended and those who could not. It was the most successful of any of past reunions. Thank you all, for making it a lasting memorable one. Well done! A Toast to the empowering and engaging FHS Class of '68! 

As the old year sunsets and the eve of the New Year will be on the horizon, raise a glass of your favorite flavor, a toast to those glowing fireworks, a starburst high in the skies. Here is to the past, present, and future, our friends near and dear and those departed and to our health a lasting toast. Wishing all good and positive relationships that vibrate happy ones. There is always hope all those everlasting ripples that bring harmonious vibes least expected that fill your soul going forward ever moving on. Be the teacher, empower and pass that on. Aloha-till we meet again.


12/30/18 08:26 AM #1280    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

Happy New Year to you, Ric.  And thanks again for all your hardword on the reunion.  You and the gang of organizers brought happiness to so many people!

03/25/19 02:02 PM #1281    

Ric Rivera

Thank you, Sylvia, for the kudos it certainly was an engaging effort. The distances between did not seem to matter to the gang of many all pulling and pooling their weight sacrifices made while in retirement and working life. It was a tireless effort to make it happen Ha! Afterward, it was time to stretch out throttle back reminiscing on a hanger full of memories. Wow! what a family!! Great seeing everyone, though I missed connecting with many like ships passing in the night. 

As a reminder, the 50th 1968 REUNION GROUP PHOTOs of which are nearly 300 entries (you can view/contribute photos) on the web at


Click here to view

STAY TUNED for developments of the upcoming 70th birthday party in AUGUST 2020, so far it's a tie on the Facebook closed group "Franklin High School Quakers Class of 68 50th Reunion Seattle" POLL between Renton's Gene Coulon Park and Seward Park Shelter #3. Although, the sentiment is for - closer to the hood.

As of 3-27-19 it is now at the top when you open the group page!



03/26/19 07:52 AM #1282    


Yaela Ettlinger (Yaela Ettlinger)

I missed that there's a poll going on. How do we access it?

03/30/19 04:21 PM #1283    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

This info comes from Steve and I am copying it.

Waldo King, FHS band director, died March 19. A public memorial will be on May 19 at Roosevelt High School. Details to be announced on Facebook; search "Waldo King".

03/31/19 12:58 PM #1284    

Ric Rivera

Thank you. Steve Condiotty and Nancy Raetzloff Groth.

Thank you Waldo King RIP, who enlivened us to all that Jazz.

03/31/19 03:07 PM #1285    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

The poll about the 2020 70th reunion party is on the Facebook page

Franklin High School Quakers Class of 68 50th Reunion Seattle

06/05/19 01:39 PM #1286    

Ric Rivera

Good health to everyone! Summer is upon us. Sad news although, class of  '67 two notables passed away within days of each other - Honorable Judge Ron Mamiya and HS quarterback David Zauhar

This location popped up on the old PC. I wondered if clansman John MacLeod has a long genealogy history dating back to the 16th century of the builders, the other Clan MacLeod of Ardvreck Castle on the shore of Loch Assynt? Aye, surely you do of the Highlands rule me, lad?smiley

08/04/19 01:03 AM #1287    

Ric Rivera

What is summer without hydroplanes on Lake Washington, then came the Blue Angels as part of the Air Show that was added in 1972.

08/06/19 11:07 PM #1288    

Mark Weaver

Just got some really sad news, our classmate, Bob GLover's cancer has returned and has spread to his liver. There isn't anything they can do about it. He is in hospice care and I was told he is not eating. HIs wife, Jan said he going down fast. Please pray for Bob, Jan and their family at this difficult time. This a tough one for me too. Bob is one of my closest friends.

08/07/19 10:16 AM #1289    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

So sorry to hear that, Mark.  Bob was always such a nice guy.  Please pass on my prayers and thoughts to Bob and his wife, and to you, too.  Holding you all in the Light.

08/07/19 10:37 AM #1290    

Mark Weaver


Thanks Sly.


08/07/19 10:54 AM #1291    

Robert W Talbot

I’m so sorry Mark. I just lost my oldest and dearest friend to pancreatic cancer in January. I miss him every day and find myself wanting to call him and discuss daily happenings. Hang in there and give him all the love and support you can give him.

08/07/19 12:26 PM #1292    


John MacLeod

Sad to realize that we are entering the last stage of our life.  Sorry to read about Bob.

Mr. Talbot.  I know exactly how you feel about losing close friends that you interacted with every day.  I got lucky with one friend's passing.  His daughter kept his phone and message.  I still get to call him, leave a message and get a call back.


08/07/19 12:40 PM #1293    


John MacLeod

Well, after 10 months on my sit down I am finally back to work.  I guess my various joints were only rated for 68 years.  I am now right there with the six million dollar man.  Only I am more like the $6.50 man.  I am about to break the 20 minute mile on a downhill slope and tail wind.

Ric,  Thanks for the picture of one of the Clan's castles.  I am laying low on that rehab project.  Family always wants to nickle and dime you and then still wants a discount.

I have said before that my profession has always been my hobby.  It feels good to be back.


08/10/19 04:52 PM #1294    

Mark Weaver

First of all I want to start out by saying thank you to Bob Talbot, John Macleod and Sly for your comments of sympathy. Bob Glover passed away last night. Bob was a good man and a great friend of mine for many years. I will miss him greatly. Please keep his wife, Jan in your prayers. As expected this is really a difficult time for her.


08/10/19 10:12 PM #1295    

John Hein

Mark, that is very sad news, but thanks for letting us know. I didn't know Bob very well, but he always seemed the perfect gentleman. Sincere condolences to his family & friends. Never a good time for such a loss, so please try to find solace in knowing his suffering has ceased. Bob, RIP

08/11/19 10:25 AM #1296    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

Mark, I'm so very sorry.  Big hugs to you.  Please pass on my condolences to his wife and family.  

08/12/19 03:22 AM #1297    

Susan Niven

So sorry to learn of Bob's passing. I remember him as a gentle soul. Sincere condolences to his family and friends. 

09/03/19 03:39 PM #1298    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

Has anyone heard anything about the death of classmate Barbara Davidson?  Sandy Smith Hanson, thinks she read something about our Barbara, but can't find the info now.  If anyone has any info, please post here or contact me.




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