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08/11/19 10:25 AM #1296    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

Mark, I'm so very sorry.  Big hugs to you.  Please pass on my condolences to his wife and family.  

08/12/19 03:22 AM #1297    

Susan Niven

So sorry to learn of Bob's passing. I remember him as a gentle soul. Sincere condolences to his family and friends. 

09/03/19 03:39 PM #1298    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

Has anyone heard anything about the death of classmate Barbara Davidson?  Sandy Smith Hanson, thinks she read something about our Barbara, but can't find the info now.  If anyone has any info, please post here or contact me.




09/27/19 01:24 PM #1299    

Mark Benecke

I hope this note finds you in good health and enjoying this special time of year.  Our 2019 65 & Over tennis team, playing out of Club Green Meadows in Vancouver, WA, competed earlier this month in the USTA Sectional Tournament in Sun River, OR.  Other participating teams included Robinswood of Bellevue, Jupiter of Tacoma, Amy Yee of Seattle and club teams from Eugene, Salem, Tualatin & Eastern WA.  Our team finished with a 1 - 2 record with losses to Jupiter and Amy Yee..and a win against Eugene.  Amy Yee won the tournament by going undefeated and finishing with a perfect 4 - 0 record.  It was fun for me to play against Amy Yee, knowing their home court location is on MLK Way, not far from Franklin and our old Mt Baker neighborhood.  Our Amy Yee match featured 5 of the 6 sets decided by a tie-break and two of the three matches going to a 10 point match tie-break.  In my 18 years of playing USTA tennis, I've never been involved in a match that close.  (In the USTA 65 & Over league, all matches are doubles.)  I have a feeling a few of Amy's players were likely Franklin alums or at least from Mt Baker or Rainier Valley.


Only the three kneeling players in our team photo are from Washington.  Arvid on my right is from Vancouver and Jim on my left is from Richland.  Other home states include Oregon, Illinois, Utah, South Carolina & New York.  4 players are between 65 & 69, 4 are 70 - 77 & one is 83 years young!!


Wishing you all the best!










09/28/19 01:10 PM #1300    

Janice Lynn Ferrera

Hey Mark - congrats on making it to sectionals!  I didn’t play on a 65’s team this year but I think your team played against my boyfriends team from Jupiter!  They went 2-1.  Right now I’m playing on a 55’s team out of Galbraith.  Hope all is well.


09/29/19 09:53 AM #1301    

Mark Benecke

Hi Janice.  Yes....I actually met your friend last November at the 2018 Sectionals in Tacoma.  He made some nice comments about how my partner and I played against his Jupiter teammates at the #1 position. We won our individual match in a tie break but lost the team match 2 - 1.  We were talking after the match and I mentioned I grew up in Sattle and graduated from Franklin.  He asked if I new you and of course I said yes.  It was a very enjoyable conversation.  We've played Jupiter several times at Sectionals and although the matches have been very close....we've never beaten  them.  I've gotten to know several of their players on a first name basis.  They're all good sports and really good players.  I'm playing in the 55 & Over league too so maybe I'll see you down the road at next year's Sectionals.  Hopefully one of these years we'll find a way to defeat Jupiter!  Thanks Janice!          

09/29/19 11:47 AM #1302    


Eddie Lau

Men's 55+ 7.0 Section Finals, we lost 2-1 to Pinole, CA

09/29/19 11:48 AM #1303    


Eddie Lau

Congratulation to all of us for being able to get out and play!

09/30/19 12:12 PM #1304    

Ric Rivera

WoW! Congrats to you all for being active and for sharing your joys certainly a benchmark especially at the golden age level! yes

09/30/19 12:24 PM #1305    

Ric Rivera

A connection with the present and the past. 

Our Facebook Class Site is now named “Franklin High School Quakers Class of 68 Seattle” leaving off the 50th Reunion to the past.

a Private group

As posted on Facebook,  DID YOU KOW these other Facebook groups exist on our greater community featuring RAINIER VALLEY & SEATTLE conversation. You may want to peek see and JOIN them to widen & share your experiences.


09/30/19 02:24 PM #1306    

Mark Benecke

Thanks for the kind words Rick.  I'm a lot more conscientious of my fitness today than I was way back when we were young, fresh and fearless.  Just trying to beat those longevity odds.....

Great team picutre Eddie!!  Great to see you're still playing tennis and looking so healthy and happy.  A big congratulations to you and your team on making it to your Section Finals!








12/30/19 08:51 PM #1307    

Susan Niven


Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


12/31/19 08:42 AM #1308    

Donna Amira

Thank you! May 2020 bring you great health, happiness, prosperity and the fulfillment of your heart's deepest desires.

12/31/19 03:43 PM #1309    

Ric Rivera

As the 2019 Chapter ends another, another page, a wiser chapter begins. Wishing ALL the very best Health and Well-Being going forward. We are ALL interconnected no matter how far we are apart.  

01/27/20 09:25 AM #1310    

Ric Rivera

As posted on Facebook Group page, "Franklin High School Quakers Class of 68 Seattle"
a Private group.

Hanging out in SEWARD PARK 2020

Target your calendar AUGUST 24 for FHS Class of '68 70th BIRTHDAY POTLUCK PICNIC. More details to come. Our team has submitted our preference of choices to Parks. Determination to be made at the end of MARCH

Order of preference is Shelter's #4, #3, #5, and #2. See map & pictures.

Stay tuned.

01/28/20 03:09 PM #1311    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

Have not been to Seward Park since about 1974.  Wow, these pictures really brought it back.  Forgot how beautiful it is.  Enjoy it, you lucky dogs!  

01/30/20 11:25 AM #1312    

Michelle Goings (Steanson)

I grew up in a house facing andrews bay.  Saw Seward Park every morning and walked that loop more times than I can count.  Was soothing then and is still so when I get a chance to go home.  You're correct.  Updated some but still a great place to enjoy.

01/31/20 07:55 AM #1313    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

Thanks Ric for the pictures and the map.  So many memories.

01/31/20 08:11 AM #1314    

Al Ovadia

I am so excited to hopefully see everyone again this summer and am thrilled about the choice of Seward Park for the picnic. I grew up on Seward Park Ave., right behind the tennis courts and could sneak through the blackberry bushes and spend hours there as a kid. For many of us, Wayne Henry, Dale Cohen, Shelley Hill, Georgine Torbenson, Lianne Given, Fred Westergard, Greg Wold, Tom Rhodes, Dave Eberharter, Jay Franco, Jack Halfon, Phillip Anderson, Christine Hollister and Michelle (probably forgot someone) the park was often our playground as we all lived only a few blocks away. Sledding down Juneau, playing hide and seek in the Japanese garden, swimming to the dock and having sno cones on a hot day. Listening to music in the Ampiheatre, secretly feeding the fish at the hatchery, riding bikes or walking around "the loop", feeding the ducks or playing tennis (poorly). Powwow, chameleons on a string and so much more. The Park holds a special place in my heart and I am thrilled to have a chance to visit it again and spend the day with many of you.

02/01/20 09:10 AM #1315    

Philip Anderson

Having the good fortune of living in a home that looked out at Seward Park and Andrews Bay, right next to Michelle's, I am looking forward to coming back and reconnecting with classmates and the Park. Lots of memories that are similar to Al's of time spent in and around the park and on the water in my 8 foot styrofoam saliboat. Hope this finds all of you well and thanks for posting the pictures of the Park and for the idea of having a 70th birthday party which for me is less than two months away. All the best...Phil

02/02/20 11:09 AM #1316    

Don Lorenz (Lorenz)

Even thou I grew up one block south of the hydroplane pits my memories of Seward Park are of riding my 10 speed bike like a mountain bike thru the woods. Many thrills as well as many spills. I will not be able to get together for the 70th picnic. I am always out of town the last week of August fly fishing somewhere out in the wilds of Alaska, Montana, etc. I will be out of town from August 24th - 30th. Health blessings to all.

Don Lorenz

03/21/20 10:44 AM #1317    

Nancy Raetzloff (Groth)

Hello everyone.  Just checking in with the Corona virus thing going on.  Suggesting that we be available to help and encourage each other as we walk through this trying time.  Blessings everyone.

03/22/20 09:09 AM #1318    

Sylvia Lovegren (Petras)

Good idea, Nancy.  We are hunkered down in Toronto, hoping the government and the hospitals have done a good job for the tsunami of cases sure to come.  But since the weather is turning spring-like -- even tho it's still cold! -- we are going for many walks in our neighborhood.  There are lots of other walkers out, particularly people with kids on bikes or with dogs -- and we all smile or wave to each other as we cross the street to keep our distance.  It is lovely to see the spring bulbs finally poking their noses out and one sheltered place has tulips and daffs coming up, way ahead of the crocuses in our yard.  We're trying to do as little shopping as possible -- one to avoid the virus -- and two, it's so exhausting to come home and try to disinfect everything that we've brought in:  shoes off in the entryway, coats off.  Wash hands. Change clothes if we've been anywhere clothes may have contacted anything. Wash hands. Wipe down all products we bought (or mail we're bringing in) and put it away, Wash hands. Wipe down surfaces that products or mail were on. Wash hands.  Go take a nap!  Stay safe out there, everyone.  Good luck to us all.  

03/22/20 03:12 PM #1319    

Ric Rivera

Since our age group and that, a vaccine will come in the near future. It is best to proceed with caution.

For now, our 'FHS 70th Birthday Picnic'is likely, "ON HOLD," more information will be coming if canceled.

King County Public Health

“New limits on large gatherings, other emergency strategies to slow the spread of COVID-19’

03/26/20 03:14 PM #1320    

Ric Rivera

With sad news, but with a cautious outlook for the health of our FHS Quaker clan were canceling. But we have next year to look forward to hanging out together. In these challenging times, please be proactive in taking steps for your health and care of loved ones.

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